Orange-tip – Anthocaaris cardamines #35

Image Size: 10″ x 7-3/4″

One of the pierid butterflies, the male orange tip is described by its common name with the white ground color and checkered margins above. It is similar below with the hindwings marbled in yellow-green which produces a dappled, camouflage effect. The orange apical patch is absent in females.

Anthocaris cardamines is widely distributed throughout western Europe to the Arctic Circle, temperate Asia and Japan, and are attracted to flowery meadows from sea level to about 1,520 m. The adults frequent hedgerows, damp roadside areas and usually do not stray far from the larval hostplants which are members of the Crucifers, including Bitter Cress (Cardamine). The green caterpillar, with its lateral white line accented with red spots, is clothed in blackish hairs and resembles the seedpod of its hostplant.

Text by Jacqueline Miller, Ph. D., Associate Curator, Allyn Museum of Entomology, Florida Museum of Natural History and Former President, The Lepidopterists’ Society

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