A Threatened Symbol

A Threatened Symbol – Bald eagle, (1990)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 8½” x 11 3/8″
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Looking back on man’s history, animals have always been used as symbols in religion and heraldry. In Egyptian temples, falcons, cats and scarabs were used as decorative religious symbols. In the Middle Ages, lions and eagles were used a national symbols in most European countries. The older generation will remember the golden eagle used by the Germans in WWI and WWII. The U.S. took the beautiful bald eagle as its national symbol –a wonderful choice, in my opinion.

We are all aware of the fast evolution of technology and the seemingly never-ending supply of natural resources. The bald eagle, the living symbol of this big, new, fast developing world, is already endangered and could be only a dream to future generations.

Wildlife art is probably the best way to alert the public to what is happening to our own species, mankind. If the eagle leaves us, mankind will follow.

Carl Brenders