Apple Harvest

Apple Harvest – Junco, (1988)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 16 3/8″ x 12″
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Located in Duxbury MA

The inspiration for this painting came from my own backyard. We have several old apple trees that produce a type of apple that you can’t find in the stores anymore. Usually you can always find a lot of fallen apples in an orchard, especially if it’s organically grown without the use of chemicals. The apples have a good taste to them, but they don’t last very long due to the worms, which is the reason they’ve fallen from the trees.

To make them last a little longer, I put them on an old table where we used to eat when the weather was nice. The colors and shine of the apples were so attractive that when a European sparrow came to rest on the table for a few moments, I could not resist capturing the scene in a painting. If I lived in North America, the same scene could occur, I thought, but instead of a sparrow, I chose to depict a typical American bird which better suited the colors of the apples.

— Carl Brenders