Autumn Procession

Autumn Procession – Elk, (1995)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1,500, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 16 3/8″ x 32½”
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Every year, when autumn comes, I get a certain fever. I cannot wait to get to Yellowstone National Park, my favorite place in the U.S., where the elk roam. Elk generally come out when night falls. Only then can the terrifying sound of their bugle be heard.

In Yellowstone, the animals have nothing to fear (there is no hunting in the park) so they are active all day long. I never tire of watching the male elk herding the cows and keeping away the younger bulls. I have often witnessed this scene, when on a hot Indian summer day, they prefer to stay in the water. The bull has less control of his herd since some cows are in, some cows out, of the water. That’s when the young bulls make him very nervous. With his thick neck and enormous antlers, it is one of the most impressive scenes in nature when he starts to bugle.

Most of my paintings show animals close up. This time I felt the challenge to paint a group of animals in a special landscape, typical of Yellowstone. The sulfur from the geysers killed the forest in the background and painted the ground white. The trees will be pulled down by a storm, and the landscape is constantly changing. So I painted the cycle of life that has gone on for millions of years. It is a nice feeling!

— Carl Brenders