Bearly Awake

Bearly Awake – Grizzly bear cub, (2003)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1,500, Offset on Paper
Current Market Price Will Apply.
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Image Size 11″ x 16¼”

Interested buyers please contact Tracy Morrison (Conservation Design) at Email:; Phone: 1-781-585-9871; Located in Duxbury MA

Watching a grizzly mother with her cubs in the tundra is a delight for the eyes. They cover a lot of ground to find berries, and the little cubs soon get tired of that. They want their mother to feed them with her milk. When their little stomachs are full, they begin to feel sleepy. That’s the moment I wanted to portray in my painting. But they cannot sleep when mother decides to continue on her way to find more berries. When mother’s moment comes to take a nap after all that good food, the cubs can settle down also, and all the family will sleep together. It’s one of those simple daily things that happen every day in the vast, wild and beautiful tundra. Mother’s sleep is light, because danger can occur at any moment for the cubs. Wolves have to feed their babies, too.

The bear cubs will hibernate together with the mother in a cave or in another good shelter that they can find. After two years, they will go on their own way in the spring and become the new masters of the tundra.

— Carl Brenders