Black Sphinx

Black Sphinx – Black panther, (1993)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Ancient Egypt had a remarkable culture. Animals and plants had a special place in sculpture, painting, ornaments and jewelry. Stylized beetles, falcons, cats and serpents all were used as symbols. One of their most famous and enduring symbols, a statue of the Sun God and King, was an enigmatic cat-like animal with a man’s head, called a sphinx.

Painting this black leopard, I thought Black Sphinx would be an appropriate title, because it reminded me so much of the Egyptian statue. In modern times, a sphinx still symbolizes someone who is difficult to see through, a mysterious person. Because of their dark coloring, black leopards look very mysterious indeed. They live in dark rainforests where they are almost invisible. The black leopard is only a melanistic form of the leopard, most commonly found in India, Java and Malaysia. Leopards on the African continent are mostly orange-yellow with dark spots, a perfect camouflage in the more open savanna habitat. Only the Ethiopian highlands have a population of African black leopards.

— Carl Brenders