California Quail

California Quail, (1987)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 19¼” x 13 5/8″
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Traveling a lot gives me the opportunity to see a large variety of wildlife. When birding in California for the first time, I was enchanted by the unusual appearance of the California quail. Its attractive coloration and the plume on its head (which is used to express its mood), make this species of quail very exotic to me.

After observing California quail for some time, I noticed the change in their silhouettes as they change their activity from quietly sitting to foraging in the meadows or running. At rest, they are almost like a ball, which is the position I used for this painting. When surprised, they run away before they fly off; in the air, they at once become very elegant –completely different birds. In this painting of a typical ground bird, I again had the opportunity to paint the stones and mosses that I enjoy so much.

Carl Brenders