Catching up with Mom

Catching Up With Mom – Duckling, (2009)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 180, Giclee on Canvas
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Image Size 14″ x 22″

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Located in Duxbury MA

Every year we welcome nesting mallards to the pond at our farm, and every spring I look forward to greeting the ducklings. It is really a treat to watch as the chicks dive into the water to follow the mother. It is amazing how quickly after hatching they can swim, catch insects and function –under the watchful eye of Mom.

I can watch the ducklings for hours. They scoot across the water like little speedboats to catch up with the family. But nature is not always gentle. A hungry pike is a big danger for these little ones. In a family of eight chicks, only a few survive. The strongest and the smartest ones will make it. They will be able to escape the pikes and other predators.

The antics and movements of the ducklings inspired this painting, but the overall focus is more about the movement of the water. Life around the water has fascinated me since my childhood. A painting like this brings back a lot of those memories.

Carl Brenders