Disturbed Daydreams

Disturbed Daydreams – Long-eared owl, (1986)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
Edition destroyed
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Having a very peaceful nature, I often wonder why I find myself attracted to birds of prey and predators in general. In the case of birds of prey, perhaps it is because of their beautiful eyes, –especially the intelligent look of the owls.

When threatened, the long-eared owl can change from a very thin silhouette to a voluminous, impressive bird. This surprising behavior often protects him from his enemies, as most would not dare to challenge such a large bird.

Seeing the owl in this menacing position with his bright yellow eyes wide open was very impressive, and I wanted to capture it in my painting. With his wings spread, the beautiful design of his feathers can also be seen.

Carl Brenders