Fast Food

Fast Food – Red squirrel, (1997)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 4500, Offset on Paper
Retail Price at Issue $75
Please inquire about the availability of Artist’s Proofs
Image Size 15 7/8″ x 8¼”

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Located in Duxbury MA

On a field trip to the boundary waters in Northern Minnesota, I was told I would see lots of big creatures like wolf, moose, etc. I did not see any of those. This can happen; one isn’t always lucky.

Instead, I saw lots of red squirrels that were not shy at all. We saw one that had burrowed a lot of pine cones, busily moving them to another place — a fascinating activity.

Several other squirrels enjoyed the easy supply of maple seeds. The squirrels were easy prey for an artist; especially one with a big love for them. I spent a lot of time just watching them. I will never tire of seeing their acrobatic behavior.

In my painting, I wanted to concentrate just on the squirrel and its food, that important necessity for every creature on this planet. So I left the background with an out-of-focus effect. I felt that this made my painting a more decorative one.

— Carl Brenders