Forager’s Reward

Forager’s Reward – Red squirrel, (1989)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1250, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 14 7/8″ x 20″
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For squirrel lovers, walking through an American forest is truly a joy. I never saw so many squirrels in my life as I did on a packhorse trip through the Bridger wilderness in Wyoming. You could hear their unique sounds everywhere as they chased each other competing for food. Along with chipmunks and ground squirrels, they brought this isolated area to life.

After their acrobatics in the trees, they will sometimes spend a few moments on the ground where they find lots of good things to eat. Sitting on a stone or a log, nibbling the seeds of a pine cone, they will sometimes let you come very close, continuing their dinner nervously, keeping an eye on you, ready to run away.

I really fell in love with the red squirrel, and I doubt that this will be my last painting of them. This scene delights me so much that I know I will not be able to resist painting a similar setting again.

Carl Brenders