Golden Season

Golden Season – Grey squirrel, (1986)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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I always enjoy watching squirrels, and their acrobatic antics often make me forget the time. It always amazes me how these smart little creatures can climb a tree trunk and quickly disappear from sight. Then they reappear as fast as they disappeared. It’s almost as if they are playing a game and asking, “Do you want me to climb higher?”

In cities and suburbs, squirrels are quite tame and easy to observe. However, in the forest this is not always the case. Squirrels are easy to see in open pine trees, but they are more difficult to observe in the broad-leaved trees. Just when you are about to give up your search, a squirrel appears, enabling you to adjust your binoculars in time to enjoy the sight of the squirrel sitting upright and nibbling on a seed.

Nature created this scene, but as an artist I could not resist capturing the grey squirrel with the colorful yellow and red leaves of fall in a painting.

Carl Brenders