Harvest Time

Harvest Time – Chipmunk, (1986)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
Edition destroyed
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“Chipmunks are among my favorite subjects. I am very attracted to their fur, a mixture of gray and brown combined with the contrast of black and white stripes. I love to see them playing among the rocks. Under pine trees, the dead needles and stones have almost the same combination of colors, so these smart little rodents can usually be seen only when they move. I can spend hours observing them and I never get tired of watching their funny games. Although I really enjoy painting big game animals, small ones give me the opportunity to paint the interesting details of the forest floor, such as old pine cones which vary from gray to brown as they get older, or the surprising designs of the lichens and mosses on the stones. Pine forests are a great source of inspiration, and they bring back fond memories of my youth.

Carl Brenders