High Adventure

High Adventure

High Adventure – Black bear cubs, (1987)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Watching children at play, I always enjoy their spontaneous movements and tremendous flexibility, sometimes a little bit uncontrolled. The tendency to play all the time is one of the great charms of childhood.

Watching young animals, one can find the same behavior. The playful expression in their eyes can be compared to that of human young ones. Their apparently unlimited energy for playing is amazing, as is their tremendous inspiration to find new games.

Young black bears are a good example of this, and when I learned in my reference books that one can have both cinnamon and black cubs in the same litter, all the elements were there to do this new painting. This time it was not really observation in the wild that was at the base of this painting, but just imagination and empathy for the most American of all bears, whose scientific name is Ursus americanus.

— Carl Brenders