Just Shy of Sly

Just Shy of Sly – Young fox, (2001)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1,500, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 14″ x 8¾”
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From all of the canids (dog family), without any doubt, the fox is the easiest to watch, since it lives so close to people, almost among us. Foxes are opportunists. They are where the food is easy to find. So, it is not difficult for a real nature lover to find, somewhere in his neighborhood, a hidden fox den. When the den doesn’t show any spider webs inside, it’s usually occupied, and with a little bit of luck, it will be a natal den. (Foxes have more than one den; some to hide and sleep, one for their litter.) Once located, it is a question of patience. Sooner or later, a nice scene will unfold before your eyes. Well hidden against the direction of the wind, one will witness the little ones coming out to discover this wonderful new world. First shy, very careful, these one-month-old kits examine every little rock, leaf, stick or grass blade around the den. It was a challenge to portray and capture that look in the eyes of such a little creature. It is not different than that of our pets when they were young and playful.

A fox litter varies between three and six kits. It’s not unusual that different color phases occur within the same litter. The most attractive, though, is the reddish version. It does justice to the name “red fox,” although foxes can be grayish and almost black.

— Carl Brenders