Lord of the Marshes

Lord of the Marshes – Great blue heron, (1988)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1,250, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 11½” x 18½”
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The marshlands of Europe and North America are quite similar. Many of the same plants and animals that we have in Europe are also found in North America. The same reeds we have in Belgium, I found in Maine. I saw arrow-grass and cattails growing on both continents. Rails, gallinules, egrets, mallards we have them, too. One of the most interesting birds for me is the blue heron. This lonely fisherman is so well adapted. It can stretch its plicate neck in a second, like an arrow out of a bow, when catching a fish. The heron’s alert eyes catch every movement in the water, even though he may appear to be asleep. The scene of my painting could also take place in Europe, including the little dragonflies. I was attracted to the variety of color in the older and younger reed plants and decided to use them as a background for my painting. I felt it needed some blue, therefore, the blue dragonflies. Carl Brenders