Mighty Intruder

Mighty Intruder

Mighty Intruder – Black bear, (1985)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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On one of my recent trips into the forests of Wyoming, I saw a great deal of wildlife. I had been told that three bears had been seen recently in the Heyden Valley of Yellowstone Park, so I went there immediately, but did not sight the bears. Hiking further, keeping alert for a possible dangerous encounter, coming to an open area, I came upon a magnificent black bear! All I could think of was what I would do if the bear decided to charge. But this one seemed to be very peaceful, and in fact, did not even notice me. Fortunately, the direction of the wind was to my advantage, and as I watched, the bear continued to forage and then walked on into the forest. The ease of this stride impressed me greatly.

As I watched the black silhouette disappear slowly into the forest, I became aware of the small striped creatures on the rocks nearby. The contrast between the enormous mammal I had been watching and the very small chipmunks around me, illustrated the wonderful variety that exists in animal life. My imagination began to work, and the result is this painting.

Carl Brenders