Migration Fever

Migration Fever – Barn swallows, (1987)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 19 1/8″ x 28 3/8″
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At Point Pelee, Ontario, one of the late Roger Tory Peterson’s twelve “hottest” birding spots, I had an extraordinary opportunity to observe the behavior of a group of barn swallows for hours. They were building their nests in a big tower that overlooked an especially nice swamp. As I climbed the tower stairs, I came very close to the barn swallows; they did not seem to be disturbed by the presence of humans.

Crossing the rural Ontario landscape in springtime, I saw lots of old barns with swallows everywhere. Seeing these swallows, I was reminded of my youth, when I would see these little birds gathering before migration. I imagined all the activity there would be in Ontario in the autumn when the barn swallows would teach their young to fly. Some of these swallows had reddish-brown breasts; others had much lighter colored breasts. I chose to paint the lighter variety as they are similar to the European species.

— Carl Brenders