Natural Survivor

Natural Survivor – Coyote portrait, (1997)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 2,500, Offset on Paper
Retail Price at Issue $75
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Image Size 12″ x 10″

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Located in Duxbury MA

I sometimes do study work for future paintings. It happens that such studies become really detailed little paintings. This one was done as a preparation for a big coyote painting. Since I love the western U.S. so much, sagebrush had to appear in my work once. This was a good opportunity to do a “tryout,” and I loved it.

It is wonderful to follow coyotes in sagebrush country, and see them catch mice and voles. In Yellowstone Park, coyotes are not shy and often let you come very close. It is probably the best place to study that wonderful dog species in its own habitat.

— Carl Brenders