New to the Neighborhood

New to the neighborhood – Cougar and magpies, (2005)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 650, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 31¾” x 15″

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Located in Duxbury MA

For one or another reason, I have a fascination with rocks. The history of our planet — that still, so beautiful place, the only one we have — is quite remarkable. When I paint, I am conscious that all that wonderful texture (that we all take for granted and don’t even look at) has been there for millions of years. It all lies there in such a beautiful chaos — a delight for a nature painter. It is left there by glaciers, explosions, eruptions and movements of the earth’s crust. Then the elements worked on it, and they took their time. Plant life, lichens and mosses made it into one whole beautiful paradise.

The inspiration for this painting came after a hiking trip in one of the most impressive nature monuments on earth: The Grand Canyon. It was interesting to show the power of nature, painting a one thousand-year old juniper tree growing on a rock, left there in prehistory. So, the animals that I put in this magnificent scenery are quite new to this incredible landscape, which was formed long before their existence.

The meaning of the title refers mainly to the above, but it can also be interpreted that the cougar is new to the neighborhood and disturbs the magpies or vice-versa: I leave you, the viewer, the choice.

Magpies are mostly seen in forested and lower rural areas, but they sometimes venture to adjacent wilder places. Rules in nature are not always respected by its creatures. The cougar could be surprised to see magpies there. I used some artistic license, needing their colors to fit in all that yellowish scenery.
— Carl Brenders