Northern Cousins

Northern Cousins – Black squirrels, (1989)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1,250, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 14¾” x 19½”
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Being a lover of squirrels and knowing a lot about them, it came as a big surprise to me to see a completely black squirrel on a recent field trip. As I continued my trip I saw a lot of them, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Until now I never came across any mention of black squirrels in a mammal field guide. After contacting some biologists I learned that black squirrels are just gray squirrels in a black coat. One can compare it with the phenomenon of the big, black cats such as panthers, jaguars and servals…a question of melanism. Black squirrels are only found in the northern United States and Canada which explains my strange title, Northern Cousins. The harmony of the black squirrels and the fall maple leaves was irresistible. Doing this painting was very enjoyable.
Carl Brenders