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On the Alert – Red fox, (1984)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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One of my favorite pastimes is to walk in the forest and find a secluded spot where I might have a chance encounter with an inhabitant of this marvelous world. Here I can smell the subtle blend of odors of the dead wood and moist ground.

Standing perfectly still, in just the right place, with favorable winds, you might spot a fox a short distance away. I did and was able to get enough of an impression in my mind for a future painting.

I happened to see this red fox standing watchful for a few moments before he crossed anopen area. The landscape was actually covered with snow as I could not see all the details of the forest which I usually enjoy painting. During the winter, the colors are not bright. I imagined it without its white blanket and used the red fox and young pine trees as living notes in this winter forest of stones, dead trees and plants and the fallen pine which will disintegrate over the years and provide food for the young trees.

Carl Brenders