Pathfinder – Red fox, (1992)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 5,000, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 21¾” x 32 3/8″
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Among the canids (the dog family), foxes are my favorite, even more so than wolves. This is probably because of their nice shades of red and gray colors, black legs and beautiful tail. The fascinating thing is that they adapt to every situation; one could call them opportunists. Even in the city of London, they manage to survive.

My inspiration for this painting was a photograph I took in a nice, wild area with lots of grasses and daisies. The scenery was just begging to have a fox running through it, and I added all the ingredients I love to paint, such as rocks, mosses, etc. The attitude of a fox in pursuit of prey gives him a unique, streamlined appearance. Foxes, just like dogs, have a tremendous sense of smell, and that’s mostly the way they find their prey — by smelling the tracks. I can remember a lot of encounters with foxes when I was a young boy scout, and that helped me to choose the title, Pathfinder.

Carl Brenders