Playful Pair

Playful Pair – Chipmunks, (1984)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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My first encounter with chipmunks took place in a parking area at Yellowstone National Park. There were five or six of them, not at all afraid of the humans who were walking to a viewpoint approximately 100 feet away. The chipmunks were looking for food, nervously running from one place to another, hoping to find some pieces of bread or other discarded bits to eat. I was thrilled when they came to eat out of my hands.

On another occasion, I observed chipmunks in a more remote area while on a pack trip in wilderness country. Our campsite was visited regularly by both chipmunks and squirrels. They came to pick up what remained of our pancakes and often found themselves in competition with the ‘camp robbers,’ otherwise known as the gray jays.

I was really in love with those charming little creatures, in spite of the fact that no one in our party could sleep at night, as they were running over our tent and making a lot of noise. (Ordinarily they are diurnal animals, but they made an exception for us!)

The wilderness area that we explored was very beautiful. Everywhere one could see colorful dead pine trees, trimmed with beautiful yellow-green moss. The chipmunks ran up and down these trees, seemingly disputing ownership of various items of food such as grass seed. Ground dwellers that burrow and climb, these chipmunks moved about on the tree trunks, and at one point in time, paused about ten feet above ground level to eat the seeds that they had found below. This was such a wonderful sight that I felt it would result in a fine painting. I cannot imagine that another painting will give me more enjoyment than this one.

— Carl Brenders