Polar Bear Cub Study

Polar Bear Cub Study, (1995)
Open Signed but not Numbered Limited Edition, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 4″ x 6″

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Before I start a painting, I occasionally need to do several studies of the animals that I want in it. I sometimes struggle with the composition and the colors. Therefore, those studies are very useful, but they are only meant to be studies. However, these studies can turn out to be nice little paintings, to your own surprise.

This little polar bear cub was one such study that I made for the family scene, Mother of Pearls. It was an attempt to capture the special effect of the sun on the cub’s beautiful white fur. The fur of the polar bear cub is more white and delicate than that of the adult bear. Their fur is mostly ivory or creamy, even sometimes quite yellowish.

It is a challenge to paint a white animal. Using lots of tints and colors, and keeping the white effect, gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Carl Brenders