Red Fox Study

Red Fox Study, (1991)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1250, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 11¾” 15 3/8″
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Located in Duxbury MA

An idea for a painting can grow in my mind a long time before it is “born.” While working on other paintings, I sometimes will make sketches, as I often have many ideas in my head waiting to be painted. (I really need another life in order to accomplish what I want to do.) It’s good for me to put these ideas down in the form of a sketch; sometimes I cannot resist, and the sketch becomes a full-fledged, finished pencil drawing.

This fox originally was the first idea for what eventually became my painting entitled, Pathfinder — Red Fox. I thought the sketch was too peaceful and that the painting needed more action, thus I portrayed the fox running, as if it were following a track. This also led me to the title, Pathfinder, and it gave me the opportunity to paint in more of the background scenery, which, for me, is as important as painting the animal itself. Most likely, the position of this fox will appear in one of my future paintings.

Carl Brenders