Roaming the Plains

Roaming the Plains – Pronghorn antelope, (1988)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Seeing pronghorn antelopes from the window of a car is enjoyable, but observing them in the field is thrilling. Crossing the big plains in the western United States, one can see a lot of them. I saw many pronghorns in Colorado, but the best sightings I had were in Yellowstone.

I noticed that even in Yellowstone, where animals are generally very tame, these elegant prairie-roamers were very alert; they did not allow me to come close to them as the elk did. Every time I tried to approach the pronghorns, they ran a little further. I was, however, able to get a lot of different impressions of them as they ran off against backgrounds of different scenery. I felt a little like a predator spying on them.

Being together with the pronghorns in their own biotope is a special feeling. The harmony of their beige-brown and white hair, the bluish green of the sagebrush and the hot yellow of the rabbit brush was exciting. This combination of colors is one of my favorites, and it was one of the reasons this painting was so enjoyable to make.

Carl Brenders