Silent Passage

Silent Passage – Cougar, (1987)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 20¼” x 29 1/8″
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Since my childhood I have been impressed by the elegance and suppleness of a cat’s walk. As a boy, when I saw a cat crossing our back yard, my imagination began to work, and instead I saw a tiger in the wilderness. Later, while studying all kinds of books on big cats, it was mainly the cougar that captured my attention, probably because cougars occur in habitats much more familiar to me than the wilderness of Asia and Africa. The books of Jack London made the mystique of the cougar even more fascinating to me.

When I first fell in love with the American wild, I could not wait to make my first painting of a big cougar. My purpose in this painting was to portray the wildness and intentness of the big cat on the hunt. I got my inspiration in the Roosevelt national Forest in Colorado, where I was guided by artist, Amy Brackenbury.

Carl Brenders