Social Climber

Social Climber – Grey squirrel
Created: 2007

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
Paper Print: retail price at issue $95
Size: 19″ x 10″

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 180
Canvas Giclee: retail price at issue $395
Image Size 16″ x 13″

Contact: Tracy Morrison (Conservation Design)
Phone: 1-781-585-9871

Note from the artist.
Whenever one goes hiking in the wild forests, one never stays alone for long. Apparently, one disturbs those little creatures, which will warn all the inhabitants of the forest of the intruder they think you are. Red squirrels always will yell at you. In some forests, they are really abundant and easy to observe. When they find enough food, they can stay nibbling a pine cone and then feed away, not being bothered by your presence. Those moments I love, and I do not resist watching them with my binoculars. Every time I think: “This one I’m gonna paint!” The nice thing about painting squirrels is that it allows you to paint interesting detail in the background. Since my big passion is texture, those paintings give me a lot of joy. The challenge often is to create depth and focus on the animals. Therefore I often use an out of focus effect in the background.
Watching squirrels has always been the highlight of my hiking trips, although one mostly goes for the big game, but there is some truth in the expression: “Small is beautiful.”
Carl Brenders