Squirrel’s Dish

Squirrel’s Dish, (1990)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1950, Offset on Paper
Retail Price at Issue $110
Please inquire about the availability of Artist’s Proofs
Image Size 13¼” x 9 7/8″

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Located in Duxbury MA

On a field trip in the Tetons in Wyoming, we had an experience that so many outdoor people have when they are on a picnic. The park provides comfortable picnic tables located mostly at a trail head. Sitting there with your food spread out, it doesn’t take long before you get some company. Squirrels and camp robbers (gray jays) want you to share your food with them. It is fun to see them arriving out of nowhere. They are very tame, but sometimes they are also very aggressive. If you don’t pay attention, they will get away with your entire sandwich! Sometimes one has to chase them away from the table. When you give them something, they run to a comfortable place to enjoy their meal.

Watching a squirrel eating has always been attractive to me. I captured such a moment in this drawing and probably will make many more because it is such a fun subject.

Carl Brenders