Steadfast and Resolute

Steadfast and Resolute – Grey wolf portrait, (2004)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 650, Offset on Paper
Retail Price at Issue $120
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Image Size 13″ x 19½”

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Canis lupus is the scientific name of this magnificent animal. Wolves were found all over the northern hemisphere. They can vary in color patterns and size according to where they live. They are the ancestors of all of our tame dog species of today.

Indians used to keep wolves as pets. A wolf bred in captivity can become very tame, but still keeps the instincts of a wild animal. In some circumstances, something unusual can trigger an attack from a pet wolf, activating its hunter instinct. That can be dangerous, but is usually controlled by his master, whom he considers as the alpha male.

Too many fairy tales tell about the big, bad wolf. Today, those old-fashioned stories are not valid any more. People discovered that wolves are rather shy and have avoided people, their biggest enemy, for centuries. Steadfast and resolute, the wolf population recovered from the worst killings and always came back. It is probably the animal that deserves the greatest respect in all of the animal kingdom.

The behavior of wolves in a pack is very social. They have a refined kind of birth control, since only the alpha male and female can have offspring in the pack. Let’s all respect these formidable hunters and “never cry wolf.”

— Carl Brenders