Tall Grass Tiger

Tall Grass Tiger – Bengal tiger, (1996)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 33½” x 26½”
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Every cat lover will agree that one of the most beautiful things in creation is a cat’s eye. The magic of this painting is the look in the eyes of the tiger.

On a field trip to the Calgary Zoo, I was studying a Canada lynx. Behind me was the chain link fence of the lions’ cage. Suddenly, a lioness jumped against the fence, right at me. The fence shook. It frightened me a lot. She then stood three feet away and watched me. The closeness of her eyes made an unforgettable impression in my mind. I wanted very badly to convey that feeling, and so I expressed it in Tall Grass Tiger, my first big painting of a tiger.

This piece is a tribute to all members of the big cat family. Take a look at this print up close and you will feel the real spirit of the cat in the face of this tiger.

The most beautiful of all cats, the tiger has a very bleak future. If the Chinese continue to use tiger bones in their medicine (a tradition of thousands of years) the species will disappear from the wild scene within the next decade.

Carl Brenders