The Balance of Nature

The Balance of Nature – Red-tailed hawk, (1991)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 31 3/8″ x 20 3/8″
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I have a weakness for everything that is made of natural materials such as wood, stone or clay, especially when those materials are worked by time to a nice patina. Traveling throughout North America, I get very excited about the old wooden fences one can see in the rural areas; they are excellent for making a nice composition in a painting. Raptors often choose the fences as a perch, so it was evident that I would use just such a fence for my first painting of a red-tailed hawk. The hawk in this painting is part of the zig-zag made by the fence and heightens the feeling of depth.

Red-tailed hawks are very close to the European hawk (Buteo buteo) but are much more attractive because of their red tail and have considerably more strength in their talons. Their behavior is completely the same. They live mostly on small rodents, lizards and snakes and sometimes even take a jack rabbit, so they help keep everything in balance. Smart and healthy animals usually escape the attempts of the red-tailed hawk; the one in the painting could be one of them.

— Carl Brenders