Waterside Encounter

Waterside Encounter – Raccoons, (1984)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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As a European wildlife artist, it is challenging to paint North American subjects. A few North American animals are now living in Germany. We call them “exotics.” This is the case with the chipmunk, whitetail deer, muskrat and raccoon. The raccoon population is increasing in some parts of Germany as it is in other European areas. I feel that this development enriches our natural world, though there are some scientists who would disagree with that.

Even though raccoons are now more numerous in Germany, I have found it difficult to observe them. However, while doing field work in the Florida Everglades, I had the opportunity to observe them very well. It was there that I had my inspiration to do this painting.

Although normally the raccoon is a solitary, nocturnal animal, I often saw several together, even in a bright afternoon sun. I guess they were young ones. They were very curious or hungry because they even touched my hands. Such contact with a wild animal is always a great sensation for me. The unforgettable glance of those curious eyes remains in your spirit, and for me, it came out in the form of this painting. I enjoyed producing the fine nuances of their fur, from gray to fine brownish and ochre. It was also enjoyable to capture the effect of the transparent nature of the water, and both the wet and the dry stones. Raccoons have the strange habit of washing their food before they eat it. That is why we call them “wash bears” in Europe.

Carl Brenders