Wild Thing

Wild Thing – Bobcat, (2007)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
Retail Price at Issue $85
Please inquire about the availability of Artist’s Proofs
Image Size 6 7/8″ x 13¼”

Interested buyers please contact Tracy Morrison (Conservation Design) at Email: aprintjock@gmail.com; Phone: 1-781-585-9871;
Located in Duxbury MA

Wild or domestic, cat species all over the world show the same behavior. My housecat cleans its fur just as that lion in Africa, or that tiger in India, or that snow leopard in the Himalayas. They all have the same way of stretching when waking up. I love that similarity which occurs also when the female is in heat. In such a period it is impossible to keep your housecat inside. In Africa I watched a lioness do exactly the same thing as the bobcat in my drawing.

The power of nature, say our planet, or even the universe, is irresistible. All living things at a certain time get the fever to reproduce. That’s how, for millions of years, the different species kept going.

Cats are wonderful in any position, but the inviting position of a female feline is a special challenge for a drawing (or later for a painting), because nothing shows that this creature is a predator, born to kill, but one that wants to keep its species going, ready to accept that male, which she normally would fight off.

Using pencil often is a nice alternative to using brush and paint. It’s clean, and a pencil drawing can have a special graphic charm and often is more decorative than a painting. Mostly those pencil drawings are done as studies for future paintings, and this one definitely is begging to be done in color.

— Carl Brenders