Witness of a Past

Witness of a Past – Bison, (1988)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 19″ x 14¼”
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This painting is related to my very first trip to Yellowstone. It is difficult to describe my emotions when I saw my first buffalo herd. I felt like I had gone back in history. All the stories of the wild west in the 19th century were represented here in this impressive herd of buffalo, also known as bison.

In my imagination I saw the plains Indians hunting these mighty animals and killing just a few for food and items they needed to survive. Then I imagined the white people coming with their trains, organizing special trips to kill as many as possible –just for fun—or was there another reason? The last 600 bison to survive, those that escaped extinction, got the opportunity to increase in number to several thousand. They now live sedentary lives in the national parks and game farms.

I think there is no other animal so closely tied to the history of a country as the bison. It witnessed the decline of the red people whose wonderful culture was so closely tied to the nature they lived in.

Carl Brenders