A Young Generation

A Young Generation – Cottontails, (1989)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 1,250, Offset on Paper
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Image Size 27¼ x 17 3/8″
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When someone commissions me to do a painting, I sometimes have a problem with the subject matter. If the person wants a particular animal depicted in the painting, and it doesn’t suit me at the time, then I will not accept the commission. In this case, however, I was asked to do a painting of a cottontail, and I had no problem accepting the commission as cottontails are one of my favorite subjects. So the man got his painting, and it now hangs in a museum in the southern United States.

I have cottontails in my own backyard, and even though they eat my vegetables, I am still very fond of them. Cottontails can have up to four litters a year from February through September. Since I love the autumn, I chose to depict the last litter of the season. During my strolls in the countryside, I often see young rabbits sitting under blackberry bushes, and this gave me the inspiration for the painting.

—Carl Brenders